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Bespoke Paper Floristry

Creating beautiful paper flowers is my passion. They continue to shine when real flowers wilt, they don't cause the need for antihistamines, and they will never go out of season!
I create flowers using the finest Italian crepe paper and materials, painstakingly working on every little detail until each bloom and leaf is perfect.#handmadewithlove 

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Individual Blooms

This section's all about the free style.  Use my individual blooms to create an arrangement or bouquet that is all you! I have designed all of my individual stems to compliment each other, so that whichever combination you choose they are sure to work together well.

If you cant find the colour or flower that you are looking for just click on the 'Get In Touch' button and I will happily provide a quote to help you make your floral dreams a reality x

Make sure you check back here regularly, I am always adding beautiful new blooms! 


Floral Arrangements

I understand how precious your time is

So in this section I have taken the time to create beautifully balanced arrangements for you, so that you don't have to. Every piece is finished down to the last teeny tiny detail and is guaranteed to attract admirers wherever it calls home

A SoulBinding story...

Hi there! I am of course the Rosie of Soulbindingbyrosie, I make beautiful flowers from paper.  
Since I can remember I have loved creating beautiful intricate things. I remember as a youngster staring at paper puzzles for hours trying to recreate them without having to destroy them.  
Roll on a few (ahem) years, and a fine art degree later and here I am, essentially doing the same thing but now with a fiance, toddler and two crazy cats in tow! I have visited lots of different crafts over the years,  including hand bags made from hard back books (which I do occasionally still make when asked) But I have always returned to paper, my first love! I would even go as far as to describe myself as a paper geek, openly feeling different paper textures at any given opportunity, much to friends and families embarrassment.  My relationship with flowers has naturally grown over the years, from just making the occasional book page paper rose to adorn the front of a handbag, to the realistic large arrangements I create today.  My flowers recreate the delicate beauty of nature and every single bloom is a labour of love for me. Flowers are beautiful and ever changing, they are an constant source of inspiration for me and it makes me so happy to be able to share them with you all! 


For general inquiries or bespoke orders please get in touch and I will come back to you asap!

Hinckley, UK




Hinckley, UK

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